Blade2 2002

Blade2 Blade is searching for Abraham Whistler’s Prague mentor. He was believed to be dead after being attacked and killed by Deacon Frost. However, Blade was turned into vampire and kept for two years. Blade rescues Whistler and is able to cure his condition. Blade’s most recent technology Blade’s, aswell as a marijuana user Scud, meets Whistler. He is fond of hip-hop.

Blade suffers an injury to an explosive inside his head as a result of a epidemic that transformed vampires into “Reapers”.

If they go to a vampire club, they learn that Reapers are immune to a variety of the weaknesses of vampires. Blade and Whistler escape using ultraviolet lamps. Nomak is invulnerable to Blade’s weapons. Nyssa then examines the Reapers’ bodies and discovers that the Reapers possess UV light as their weakest spot. Scud, Whistler and Whistler are the three who create UV weapons for the team, and also a UV emitting weapon that is strong enough to destroy the entire nest.

The group expands into the Reaper nest. Lighthammer transforms into a Reaper and eliminates Snowman. Verlaine gives her life in order to save Lighthammer. Reinhardt sprays Chupa with the Reaper Phenomine. But the crowd escapes and Nyssa is left severely injured. Blade lets Nyssa his blood for him to survive.

Damaskinos’ forces capture Blade and Whistler, along with Scud. Blade believes he is unfit to be a Reaper because Blade is unable to see the light. Scud then discovers that Blade is one Damaskinos’ familiars. Reinhardt escapes Blade by release Whistler from near-drowning. Then Blade is thrown into Damaskinos blood pool to boost his strength. Blade fights his way through Damaskinos’ henchmen and defeats Reinhardt.

Nomak is ordered to DamaskinosStronghold by Nomak to exact revenge on his father. Nyssa then betrays Damaskinos by blocking their escape route to the Heliport. Damaskinos is then killed by Nomak. Nomak also kills Damaskinos by using Blade’s sword. Blade embraces Nyssa as her body begins to decay due to the rising sun.

Blade 2 เบลด 2 (2002) นักล่าพันธุ์อมตะ

Blade 2


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